Wholesale supply of honey

UBI Group recognizes the importance of Ukrainian Agro Industry sector as one of the main sectors of national economy. Some of well-known Ukrainian agricultural products are honey and oil as main raw materials for different modern industries. Thus we have strong relationships with a lot of producers in the region. Through diligent marketing, technical competency, maintained relationships with international partners and efficient sales service, the UBI Group has succeeded in supplying the products of Ukrainian agro producers to markets of EU and other countries. UBI Group takes pride in our role in supplying product of national economy to international markets and increasing the awareness of its quality.

At our facilities in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) we are equipped to handle our partner’s needs in high quality products. We supply polyfloral honey as the best known assortment of honey. Being made of the nectar of several different flowers, polyfloral honey is richer in minerals than other types of honey. Thus it has many therapeutic properties and actively used in cosmetic, health and food industries.

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